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Looking back丨Meeting South China Packaging Exhibition again after many years

TIME: 2021-03-09         click:      
The 27th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition ended successfully on March 6th at the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex. Let’s take a look at the exciting moments of the three-day exhibition of Saikoni!
The S304 high-speed and high-precision round bottle labeling machine equipment was the most attractive to the visitors at the Xeikoni booth. On the spot, the visitors demonstrated the automatic and stable feeding, screw conveying, high-speed and high-precision labeling and other technological processes.
This year's packaging exhibition is not only a major exhibition of the packaging industry, but also an exhibition event that Sekoni will participate in again after many years. Sekoni looks forward to bringing more, better and newer products to you!

Although this exhibition is over,

But on May 10-12 and May 12-14

Saikoni will meet with you at Qingdao Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and Shanghai Beauty Expo respectively!

Sincerely invite you to come again!

Thanks to the organizer for the first-class platform built!
Thank you for your attention and support to the friends of Xeikoni!
Thanks to the colleagues of Saikoni who are struggling on the front line and guarding silently behind!
The smooth development and successful conclusion of the exhibition are indispensable for the efforts of these people~

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